Sunday, July 25, 2010

BIG news for the Kartchners!!!

NO NO NO we are not going to be having a baby! I know you were thinking it. But...We are moving again...across the country again...back to the wonderful Arizona. I recently got a phone call and was accepted in the Nuclear Medicine Technologist program at Gateway Community College in Phoenix. This phone call was very unexpected but we are so grateful that it came. I will be starting school the middle of August and the program goes for a consecutive 21 months.
We are very sad to be leaving Florida. We have really enjoyed being in this beautiful place. We love the beach and also have enjoyed being all on our own. We will miss it here but we know we are making a great decision to go back to AZ. We will see everyone soon!!!


  1. Haha love the beginning of the post. I know you'll miss Florida and the great weather, but we're glad to have you back closer!

  2. Yea!!! We are SO EXCITED to have you back, especially a certain adorable 4 year old boy! Just in time for the arrival of a new favorite niece. You'll be busy with school but anytime you want a break, you guys are more than welcome to come hang out with the kids (and I'll take a nap, ha ha).