Sunday, December 19, 2010

What you missed so far!

So I know it has been forever since I have been on here and updated Kyle and I's life. We have been so busy but I am doing it now so here is a recap of our lives from August to the end of September. October to Christmas will be next so keep checking!! It starts with our amazing adventure from Florida back to Arizona! Enjoy.
If you didn't know Kyle and I moved from Utah to Florida in May. We were planning on staying for a year or so but in July I unexpectedly got a call from a school that I had been waiting to get into. They had one spot left on the waiting list for the Nuclear Medicine program and with excitement and disappointment we accepted. In August we started our journey back across the states. We took about 5 days to travel back stopping in different places to enjoy our beautiful country. It was so worth it. We loved seeing all these places. We will surely miss Florida.
Our Zoo friend in Florida.

So green!!

Ha Ha didn't really stop for this shot but we were there!!!

Across the Wetlands!!

New Orleans! Crazy packed city. Pretty neat to see though.

This is St Louis Cathedral. It was beautiful.

The Lone Star State!!! So long to drive through!

We finally made it back to AZ!

100 years old!

On September 23, 2010 my Grandmama on my mother's side turned 100 years young! The day after that was my 22nd birthday. My wonderful husband bought me a ticket to North Carolina for my birthday to go to my Grandmother's birthday party. I had a great time visiting with her and family. I miss her a lot. She is such a wonderful woman. Such a great example to me in every way possible. I love you Grandmama and thanks for everything!!!
My Grandmama is 100 years young!!!
Grandmama and her sisters. Grandmama is the 2nd from the right. So gorgeous!!!

My mom's family from left to right. My mom, Mattie, Carlton, Ann then Grandmama.

Out of 9 kids just 3 went to grandmama's birthday party.

From left to right. Dad, Mom, Grandmama, Marcie, Jacey, Leon, and me!

Grandmama and her little sisters!!! They are so funny when they get together.

I absolutely LOVE this wonderful woman.