Monday, May 17, 2010

Our six month anniversary trip to Orlando and Cape Canaveral!
So Kyle and I decided to take a trip up to Orlando for our anniversary. We took the long way there to explore our new home. Kyle and I first stopped just outside of Orlando and walked around Downtown Disney and we both decided we needed to come back again when it wasn't so hot. We then went and checked in to our motel and got ready to go to the Temple. When we got there we were very suprised to find that the temple was closed due to spring cleaning. Well we were very disappointed but know that we will make another trip soon. We then went to dinner at Chile's and had a great time. The night ended with a walk around the town and then to bed so we could get up early and beat the traffic to the launch site. Well we left the hotel around 7:30 a.m. and found our way to our spot on the dock which we camped out for 5 hours until the 30 sec launch took place right across from us. Well it was a very memorable anniversary and we loved spending so much time together on the dock just talking and waiting. I want to thank Kyle for planning our adventure and being such a great husband. He is my best friend and I can't wait for many many many more fun adventures with him. Thanks babe! Happy Anniversary!

On our way to Orlando we took a side trip and went to Downtown Disney. It was fun to walk around but it was way too hot to stay long.

The beautiful Orlando Temple. We were going to go in for our anniversary but it was closed due to some heavy spring cleaning. So we will attend the next time we drive 4 hours up there.

This is us on the dock across from the launch site. Where we got so sunburned I might add.

Here is a video of the Shuttle Launch we saw from across the bay of Cape Canaveral. I hope this works it is my first video load and I hope you can hear and see it because it was awesome!!!