Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our Last towel decoration for our last night.
Our last formal night at dinner

Showing off our cool sunglasses that we got pressured in to buying our last stop in Mexico

Our first towel decor made by our housekeeper. Very talented

Here we are at lover's beach in Cabo. We loved this spot it was our favorite stop on the whole trip. We saw whales here and even went snorkeling. We were loving it and the water was so clear it was amazing.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Kyle and I on the amazing staircase in our dinning room. We got to eat there every night it was so beautiful. The second night for dinner was formal so we got to dress up reallly nice. It was really fun to be able to dress up and eat great food here. We felt all high class those nights. It was great.

Our first night on the boat in our room! So fun

More honeymoon

Getting into our tiny little cabin. Getting comfy for the next 7 days!!! This picture actually makes the room look a lot bigger than it really was. Sad I know but it was great for just the two of us!


Kyle and I are on the boat finally and we are waiting to leave the port in LA. The start of an amazing honeymoon and fun cruise.


So I just started this blogging thing and so if things are a little crazy you know why. So here is the one pic I have of the wedding day! more to come soon!!